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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Parable of Parallel Histories

Mr. Toad and Snarla Vulture .

Mr. Toad and Snarla Vulture
With her perched on his hand;
They stepped so as not to see
Such quantities of the poor:
"Keep them workers pacified,"
They said, "that would be oh so grand!"

"If All things Considered
Tittered and twittered
Do you suppose," said Mr. Toad,
"That that could keep them down?"
"I don't doubt it," said Snarla vulture,
Her frown turned upside down.

"O workers, come listen to us!"
Mister Toad did beseech.
"A peasant's lot is a pleasant lot,
In this here US of A:
Inskeep will talk of Lewinsky,
And how Gingrich saved the day."

And liberal listeners listened
All thinking they're elite:
Skipped Iran/Contra, for Contract on America,
Whose stories are clean and neat--
And thought it's not odd, when you know,
A different history they repeat.

"The time has come," Mr. Toad said,
"To talk of many things:
Of 94 and 95
How NAFTA saved--kept us alive--
And why we need banksters--
And whether G/Sachs can, in the end, thrive."

"But what about tea?" the NPR cried,
"Before we get health care;
For some of us are out of breath,
And caveat emptor beware!"
"Islamists!" said Mr. Toad.
And Snarla admired his hair.

"Let them eat cake," Ms. Vulture said,
"It's what the people need:
Poobahs and Pundits and the Fed
They'll propagate the seed--
And Oliver North rides Reagan's horse,
In the painting, A Charge to Keep ."

"Republicans!" NPR cried,
Turning a bright red.
"After you've heard us, be sure to remember:
Eat what you've been fed!"
"The right wing's fine," Mr. Toad said.
"Would you like to go to bed?


Fake Rupert Murdoch said...
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Fake Rupert Murdoch said...

(re-posted below with better links and grammar cleaned up.

Hey Mate,

Stop being so mean to one of me favorite employees. She's just doing her job like a good News Corp employee.

Since we're talking bout me NPR sock puppets-er, "professional journalist" I want to brag on my favorite, happy negro-er, employee: Juan Williams did a bang up job this AM on Morning Edition on N.Y. Democrats Suffer Through Bad Political News Juan Williams and Steve Inskeep.

NPR, nice to see you're using one of me favorite employees to recite me favorite, talking points. Juan, come by me office-you haven't picked up you watch for you 10-years of service to me and FOX.

I especially liked the way you alleged the Congressional Black Causes has a history of protecting corrupt members just because their black, without citing any evidence, we all know you people stick together-Now that's the FOX way! The back handed dig (implying it has a history of being soft on blacks) at that Liberal Rage the NYT was brilliant!

I especially love the post racial "Age of Obama" talking point: Gives me, Glenn, Bill and Sean a great pass for when I said Obama is a racist and all the other stuff we broadcast: "News Corp.'s race problem".

Thanks for giving us cover for the past decade, after all FOX has a great history of being "Fair & Balanced" to your community. Even though we missed Black history month, here’s a nice little retrospective of how we do our magic: FOX Continues to Attack Black America

I've just got one question: Why won't Steve Inskeep mention that you've been a proud FOX News employee for more that a decade? It's like he's ashamed or something.

Your truly,

aka GD

gDog said...

Fake Rupert Murdoch could also not be F.Ru.M, as in David Frum, the Marketplace/NPR go to guy from AEI. A regular village idiot. But...methinks I detect a grump.