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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

Where can I sign up for one of them paul-ryan-give-my-social-security-to-goldman-sachs programs? What I managed to hear in between breathless embraces of ryan was so enticing one can hardly resist. And these will be 'guaranteed' buy-ins. I guess the fed will be taking over S.S. soon.
But they were talking about Entitlements, after all. And deficits. Hmmm, what's this large
grey animal
sitting in my room?

miranda said...

Has hell frozen over? I'm listening to Neal Conan strongly challenging wacko Mark Thiessen's "Al Quaeda 7" arguments against legal representation for Guantanamo "terrorists/enemy combatants." I guess former Bush speechwriter Thiessen is too crazy even for TOTN.

Boulder Dude said...

Funny, my comparing the Iraqi Astrologist to Cokie Roberts got deleted.

I guess Irony is dead at Nice Plote Republican Radio.

P.S. Matt, nice take down of Guy Raz's puff piece on Paul Ryan. Well, done sir.

Ivy_B said...

Miranda, I had the same feeling. Conan was pretty ineffective, but he challenged and as a former speechwriter Thiessen is very good at pushing his points true or not.

gDog said...

I'm teaching a class that runs from 3:30 - 6:30 this term. That means no ATC on Mondays and Wednesdays. Happy days!

To see if I missed anything, I tried searching NPR for "National March on Washington" and "March 20." Apparently it's not really happening.

Anonymous said...

See the Ombot today regarding questions asked, and answered. Today's topic: newscast filler explained.

Is the sum of the Ombots work simply "process" once and twice removed?


larry, dfh said...

Tuesday morning was another 'freedom morning' at m.e. All about those wonderful Iraqi elections, you know, like the ones they've never ever had before. Today it was Fallujah, which was 'retaken' by 'american troops'. Gee, I thought it was obliterated by depleted uranium tank shells and concussion, phosphorous, and cluster bombs. But I must have been thinking of someplace else, because today I learned that it was simply 'retaken', and is now free. I wonder if the Poles think of Warsaw as having been 'retaken'.

Anonymous said...

NPR is all about Pap, Crap and Zap!