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Monday, March 22, 2010


NPR related comments welcomed.


Unknown said...

This morning they burned most of the back half hour of ME to provide the GOP's version of events regarding HCR... They let one Congressman just ramble on and on and only stoppled him once they ran out of time.

No Democrat response. None of their side of events... which, BTW, would have been the fact-based side...

Just yesterday my boss told me he liked NPR because if its fairness...

biggerbox said...

Thanks, Morning Edition! Just what I needed this morning was an extended period listening to the raving and revisionist history of GOP propagandist Senator Judd Gregg. Now, instead of worrying about what to wear to work, I can be pondering the curious editorial decision that resulted in having a Republican on the air at all, following the Democratic success Sunday. Instead of fretting about breakfast, I can wonder why they chose Gregg, who has been repeatedly documented as saying things that JUST AREN'T TRUE, and why they had no one rebutting his ridiculous claims. On my drive to the office, I can marvel at the way he is so dedicated to spewing his propaganda that he nearly had to be tackled by the interviewer to end the segment. He is very good at what he does, I'll give him that. But why NPR thought it would aid anyone to listen to this lying political operative, I'll be able to wonder all day.

Anonymous said...

NPR removed this comment from their site today:

Flagler Chamblis (flaglerchamblis): "Awful lot of overweight white people protesting health coverage for everyone." from this story today."

Here is the story. Flagler Chamlis had 29 approvals for his comment before NPR excised it.


Anonymous said...

NPR: Mixing Crazy with Lazy.
Don Q. Public

Anonymous said...

Toyota running ads on NPR site. It must be to offset that fantastic coverage they've received.


larry, dfh said...

DQP: if Toyota is running ads on npr, it's a sure sign that they are crooked. Without fail, crooked corporations eventually slink over to npr to partake of their slothful, self-absorbed audience.
Waste management, arthur-anderson, adm, ubs, new age fundation, etc.

Anonymous said...

Bad NPR press nets good Toyota PR buy. NPR is ALWAYS focused on the bottom line -- just like Toyota.


Anonymous said...

Robert Siegel sits down with the CIGNA CEO this afternoon, and Planet Monkey celebrates Happy Haiti Day too! Sweeeeeet!


larry, dfh said...

takes apart tom shales today. All you whyy folks out there, isn't shales terry groos's go to moran? The one who wanders off into non-contextural hyper-patriotic blather every now and then? Like when he's discussing Michael Moore?

George said...

My God. The NPR's coverage of health care has been the proxy republican party radio broadcast. The interview with Judd Gregg on Monday was a disgrace, as he proved to the world that he has NO clue about this health care bill, preferring to spout nothing but BS, and NPR never once questioned him.

Now this morning we get a long piece about the Republican's new strategy, again, all talking points, no questions.

It's journalism 101 , and they FAIL. Are they bought and paid for buy the insurance companies. Sure seems that way. What a damned disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Republican Team Coverage on NPR:

GOP Weighs Health Care Strategy In Senate by DAVID WELNA

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Spotlight On A Deal Maker by ARI SHAPIRO

Republicans On Health Care Fight: 'It's Not Over' by DON GONYEA


miranda said...

I seem to remember the famously fat Shales, years ago, criticizing some celebrity or other for being too fat. It's interesting, but not surprising, that the WaPo's neocon agenda extends even into its TV coverage.

gDog said...

Republican Team Coverage on NPR

NPR perspective is to be a nose under the big tent of Republican strategizing. We're repeatedly allowed to sit backstage with the big boys as they work out how to regain the majorities. NPR encourages the public to play helpful cheerleader to the Republican underdog. If the camel (the public) once gets its nose in the Republican tent, its body politic will soon follow - that seems to be the thinking here.

Unknown said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one SICK of NPR's continuous pro-GOP pep rallies!

They don't even need to have Democrats on to provide fairness... all they really need to do is call down the lying and publish the facts.

But I guess that'd be the same thing.

Anonymous said...

From The American Prospect

NPR: "Republican Leader Senator Judd Gregg Has No Understanding of Health Care Bill"

That should have been the lead to an NPR piece following up a Morning Edition interview with New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg. Senator Gregg, who is often held up as a thoughtful fiscal conservative, concluded his interview by asserting that the health care bill approved by Congress would increase the size of government from 20 percent to 25 percent of GDP.

That's not what the Congressional Budget Office says. According to CBO's projections the bill would increase government spending by about 1.0 percent of GDP in 2019, the last year in CBO's budget horizon. This means that Senator Gregg is off by an amount equal to 4 percentage points of GDP or the equivalent of $560 billion a year in today's economy.

It would be reasonable for NPR to highlight the fact that one of the Republicans' leading spokespeople on fiscal issues apparently has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to the health care debate. Instead, NPR allowed Gregg's outlandish assertion to be communicated to listeners unchallenged.

--Dean Baker


gDog said...

I expect my comments will be considered "outlier."

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We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback, and we thank you for your help in improving the future of public radio.

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Life As I Know It Now said...

I am sick of NPR's malicious reporting on Acorn. It is all a lie but we never hear the truth. The Brad Blog covers this issue in some depth for those who are interested in learning the truth.

gDog said...
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The Boss of You said...

Anyone hear Erick Erickson on NPR? I didn't just read this:


Anonymous said...

Ericcson is the young Orenstein and as we ease old Norm out we can ease Big Red 1 in. See... seamless.

And there is no one that can be so badly discredited that they won't get invited to some NPR dreck or other.

On Tell Me More there is a segment called "the Barbershop" where Martin gets some people that agree with her and they discuss current events. Oh, did I forget to mention Ken Dawg!? Sheesh.