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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Q Tips and Call

So far this "team" blog has been more of a duo effort - from goopDoggy and Mytwords. I had really hoped to get at least 4 or more writers involved. Any takers? Email me if you are interested - click the Mytwords profile under "Contributors" in the sidebar to contact me.

In the meantime, NPR related comments are welcomed as always.


gDog said...

A friend of mine recently observed that "I must admit being really astounded at how many thoughtful, otherwise critical, folks think NPR offers a decent, informative service. The flip-side is a leftist dismissal of NPR as not that important."

I concur with that. The people I know who used to listen credulously to NPR (yeah, like me - especially before the Reagan era) now either (a) continue to listen credulously and support war and banks to the extent NPR does or (b) listen with a jaundiced ear to the news reporting but continue to give because of all the music and food programs and This American Life, or whatever, or (c) stopped giving/listening and have written NPR off as unimportant.

But, because more people in the USA get their news through NPR than through any other single source - it is important. That's why I think this blog is important and want to help keep it going. Despite the seeming hopelessness of the endeavor, my instinct is to rage against the dying of the light.

gDog said...

The blog is over
It's all behind us
We've got to learn it
How it once found us

Question NPR
ask who when where how?
They've gone and turned it
Into a big lie

I'll rage against the propaganda machine
I'll rage against the corporations and banks
I'll blog the world about the new doublespeak
I'll rage against guns, drones and tanks

No NPR Check?
Oh what the damn heck?
No more fun rhymin'
Only Scott Simon


This blog is over
After over three years
We'll all remember
Mighty words was once here